I host a variety of workshops from my studio in Wellington and also community events within Wellington. The workshops are designed to promote self- development and well- being. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Reiki Share

Tuesday 12th October 2021

7pm to 9pm

Price: £10 per person

Sensing and deepening your experience with energy healing.  Each session will include practical energy exercises.  Meet like minded people and develop your skills.



Crystal Workshops

Crystals and The Lunar Cycle

An opportunity to gain insight into your personal rhythms.  Using the moon as your guide allowing you to reconnect and reawaken to the natural cycles of life.  

Exploring crystals that we are drawn to and learning to tune into the body, to reveal the stories and wisdom within.

Saturday 2nd October 2021 – 23rd October 2021  This is now fully booked

10am – Midday

Price: £50 Per Person

Thursday 7th October 2021 – 28th October 2021

7pm – 9pm

Price: £50 per person


Reiki Level I Training

Available on request

Reiki I  Training

Reiki is a simple Japanese energy system which promotes balance on all levels:

* Experience peace of mind and inner calm

*Relieve stress and anxiety

* Bring a sense of balance and wholeness

* Help family and friends

*Explore your spiritual side

*Let go of emotional baggage

On the course day, you will experience Reiju empowerments which allow you to experience energy in a more focused and intentional way.  You will have an understanding of what Reiki is, the history of the original system and how we can echo that original system by practicing daily self healing and energy meditations. 

The day will be a practical day, as you will be given an audio cd of the entire course so that on the day we can practice the energy techniques.

The price includes two CD’s – an audio version of the course and an energy meditation CD and also a comprehensive manual.

The price for Reiki I is £160

Please contact me if you have any questions and would like to express your interest.

angela@severnsisters.co.uk – 07802 208899

Reiki Level II Training

Reiki II

After completing Reiki I, you may want to take your energy practice to a deeper level.

You will learn how to experience Earth Ki and Heavenly Ki  and send distant healing to yourself and others.

Reiki II is still about the self, self healing and spiritual development but also working on others to promote balance.  

Successfully completing Reiki II you have the option to gain insurance to treat others.

Reiki II is held over two days.  Price is £180

Please contact me for more information or to express your interest:

angela@severnsisters.co.uk or phone 07802 208899