2) What’s getting in your way?

What’s getting in the way?

We need to gain the support of our subconscious minds in order for our desires to manifest.

The conscious mind and what your subconscious mind believe MUST be in agreement for you to succeed.

If you hold your attention on a conscious desire, but subconsciously have beliefs which are in conflict with your goal, it is likely that your desire will not manifest.

In order for us to gain the support of our subconscious mind, this is an exercise you can do to find out whether you have any limiting beliefs which need to be addressed in order for your subconscious to support your goal.

To identify your beliefs, read your desires and ask what may happen if you actually did manifest such a dream.

Do you feel any anxiety or fear?

Do you worry that you may be asking for too much?

Do you imagine your wish fulfilled might cause another injury or pain?

Do you feel unworthy to realise such a dream?

Does bringing change into your life make you nervous in any way?

Write down your answers and notice if you have any contradicting feelings, these may be indicators of limiting beliefs you may hold and you need to gain the support of the subconscious mind to move forward.

Crystals which are helpful in reducing fears and releasing old habits are:  Smokey Quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, black tourmaline, rhodonite, obsidian, kyanite.

Once you have made a note of how you are feeling towards your desires, read them back to yourself one by one.  As you are reading take your attention to your body.  Where are you holding the belief in your physical body?  When you locate it, try and picture it.  Does it have a shape, colour, what imagery comes up for you (if any), what does it feel like?  If it was an animal, what type of animal would it be?  The more clearly you can get to where it is in your body and what it is, it will be easier in releasing it.  Place a crystal over the part of the body and relax for five minutes with the intention on releasing whatever belief you are holding onto which no longer serves you.

Difficulty in believing in your Dream?

It may be easier to believe in your dream if you focus on the value your dream will bring the world instead of just focusing on your personal gain.  You may need to reframe your desire by changing it from simply accomplishing an outcome to actually making a contribution to the world. 


If you desire love, believe in the value of sharing your loving energy with someone who will benefit from it.  Choose crystals such as: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Peridot, Aventurine, Emerald

If you desire a new job, believe in the value of your unique talent will contribute to the company that hires you. Citrine, Sunstone, fluorite, carnelian, fire agate

Focus on believing in the VALUE your desire will bring those around you.

When you create from a desire to contribute, your subconscious mind cooperates completely.