Work Book Week 1

Use this to write your experiences down during the first week of the course

Severn Sisters Magic Hours

Aries New Moon

New Moon Crystals

Crystals 1 2 3

My intentions for this lunar month are:

Where on your body did you place your Crystals:


Sisterhood Connection Meditation

Describe any experiences from this meditation.

Attuning to the energy of Crystals

Crystal chosen:

Crystal Cave Visualisation:

Describe any experiences from this visualisation.

Make a note of any feelings/ colours / visions you experienced.

Placing the crystal under your pillow at night time – note your experiences here:

How do you think this crystal is helping you?

What part of your body do you feel this crystal is drawn to?

Key words that you associate to this crystal since working with it?

Without mentioning the name of the crystal, the colour or how it feels in its physical form, describe it.

To help you, if this crystal had a personality, what type of personality has it?

Think of the average life span of humans, from 0 to 80 years, what age does the crystal fall into?

If your crystal was an animal, what type of animal would it be?