Intentions – Clearing Ritual

A Cleansing Ritual

The subconscious mind responds well to ritual.  You can use this ritual anytime of the month, but if you are setting intentions around the moon phases, this will help you start the cycle with the right energy for manifesting your intentions.

Prepare your space and yourself!

Tidy and clear away any clutter from the space in which you are going to perform the ritual.  Cleanse the room with sage if you have any or use a singing bowl.  If you don’t have these, visualise your room being filled with white healing energy, by imagining a ball of light above your head, breathing it down to the naval, hold and then on the outbreath flood this energy out of your body.  Do this for five minutes.

Take a shower or bath – you may wish to put a rose quartz crystal in the bath water, essential oils, Epsom salts.  Do not listen or read, just be.

Create your meditation space by placing crystals, any objects which have a meaning to you, photos, affirmations, candle (if it safe), play some relaxing music.

With your desires at hand, write down in a notebook any negative beliefs that you have that are contrary to your dream.

Tell your subconscious mind (out loud):

“These negative beliefs are no longer in charge.  I burn them and release them from my subconscious memory.  I no longer allow them to influence me in any way.  I replace them with my new, empowering beliefs.  I replace them with the truth about my Divine essence!”

Another technique to try is the Violet flame visualisation.

For this technique, ideally use an amethyst point or cluster.  If you don’t have these then use an amethyst tumble stone or simply visualise the colour violet.

Violet flame visualisation

Sit quietly with your back upright holding the amethyst in your lap with any points facing upwards.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

In your mind’s eye the amethyst takes on the appearance of a violet flame.  At first the flame is the same size as the amethyst, but as you watch it grows to encompass your whole body and your aura.

Sit quietly in the violet flame and give it permission to burn away and transmute any heaviness you are holding anywhere in your energy.  Imagine tongues of violet flame reaching into each of your chakras and clearing them.  Feel it going into any area of your body that holds tension or pain.  Release any toxic thoughts and negative emotions for transmutation in the violet flame.

When you feel cleansed, or feel you have released enough for one session then you watch the flames withdraw back into the amethyst you are holding.  Imagine you are placing a violet cloak around your head and shoulders to protect yourself.

Take a deep breath, stretch, open your eyes.  Drink a glass of water and hold a grounding stone such as hematite if you feel lightheaded.

If you are able to and it is safe too, take your old beliefs outside and burn them.