Attuning to Your Crystals

You will begin to notice over time and with practice, that each crystal you have will “feel” slightly different to another.

To begin to get to know your crystal you need to spend some time with that crystal to understand the unique energy on that individual crystal.

During this week, you will begin to build up a personal relationship with one of the crystals you chose on the New Moon.

Exercise 1

Choose one of the three crystals you selected for your New Moon Intentions.

Sit quietly, place the crystal in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and take your attention to your breathing.

As you breath in, imagine a ball of light above your head, and as you draw your breath in slowly, imagine the light to follow the breath, all the way to your naval.

Hold your breath and imagine this energy to build in your naval.

As you breath out, imagine this energy to flood out through your body, through your hands into the crystal.

On the next breath in, imagine the energy from the crystal in your hand, flowing through your arms, down your torso into your naval. Again, hold and allow the energy to build.

Repeat this breathing technique for approximately five minutes.

If your mind wonders, just return your attention to your breath.

Open your eyes and note down how your body feels.

Do you feel more relaxed?

Note down any images, colours or sensations that you experienced.

Carry this crystal with you during the day, and periodically practice this breathing technique.

Exercise 2

Listen to the Crystal Cave Visualisation

Exercise 3

Put the crystal under your pillow. Make notes as soon as you wake up on how you slept.

Did you dream? Did you have a good nights sleep? A restless sleep?