doTERRA Essential Oils

I began my journey with doTERRA Essential Oils in April 2017. Initially I was looking for a solution to bring calm and tranquillity into our busy household. I soon learned, after being given a sample of Melaleuca and Oregano for a skin condition, how effective and versatile these oils are.

I soon ordered my initial enrolment kit, which included a diffuser and ten of the most common used oils.

Once my kit arrived, I was invited to learn more about Essential Oils through a supportive team and weekly education classes. This is key to doTERRA, Product education and how to use the oils safely and effectively through local groups and online education classes. The doTERRA website is full of useful resources plus there are many Facebook communities offering free information and support.

Family life is now much calmer and we share our own personal journeys to others.

We offer weekly introduction classes and essential oil sampling.

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