I began my journey with Reiki and Crystals over 15 years ago. From a young age I was fascinated by the colours and textures of crystals and became an avid collector.

I first trained in Reiki whilst pregnant with my first child. I struggled to understand Reiki at this time as my mind kept `getting in the way’. Throughout my life (without being aware at the time), my greatest strength – which was also one of my biggest challenges – was the ability to pick up on other peoples energies. This often led me to take on their problems as my own and feel all consumed. Reiki allowed me to embrace and channel energy rather than become overwhelmed by it. Soon after, I was privileged to stumble across Lauren D’Silver, the founder of Touchstone Therapies . I embarked on a two year Crystal Diploma Course, which was also a two year spiritual awakening, which again had its ups and downs! Lots of laughter and tears as I began to unravel and unmask who I really was.

It is now my passion and privilege to work with Crystal and Reiki Energy to help and support other people on their ongoing journey.